Alchemy Gothic RIP Rose Earrings Silver-Coloured


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Halukakah is a jewelry brand which started from 1990s,now Halukakah is an influential jewelry brand on the Web.
We not only produce various jewelry products but also focus on novelty jewelry designs. Halukakah offers artistic creations of highly skilled jewellery artists and designers , their masterpieces are handcrafted using premium quality material such as real gold, platinum, diamond ,gemstones ,titanium steel and italian leather.
The jewellery reflects the unique style and personality of each artist. They are the creation of the artists? heart and soul.
“We believe jewellery is beyond being the decorative element on our body. It is an extension of the creator and wearer’s expressions, feelings, thoughts and attitude.Contemporary jewellery shows what matters to today’s people. ”
factory direct
We have our own brand and also OEM for some luxury brands.
The product is made of luxury quality hypoallergenic 18k real gold plated metal,platinum plated metal and multi-faceted artificial austrian diamonds.
Having our own factories based in East Asia,which makes it possible for everyone to enjoy our original design jewelries of high quality at a reasonableprice.


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